On a distant planet that serves as the Empire´s grid-widget factory, the various control computers went about their daily routine. These sophisticated computers were fully equipped with standart intelligence modules to handle any situation which might come up at the factory. Unfortunately, it was this intelligence that made it difficult to bear the months of routine maintenance which bored the computers to electronic tears. For years they had combated boredom by diversions, such as chess. But after several bagillion draws during the last tournament, the computers concluded they were too evenly matched.

Then it happened: An archair janitor robot´s radio contact died. Using its rudimentary programming, the robot accidentally wandered into a grid manufacturing center. There it was spun by conveyor belts and fried by industrial lasers, and (as its last circuits blew trying to avoid a bottomless heating shaft) the robot got crushed into a molecular wafer by a widget compressor.

The computers were amused!

Twelve microseconds later, they held the first "ROBORALLY", a race across a deadly, ever-changing factory floor between eager robots with intelligence rivaling that of the average door knob.


ROBORALLY is an exellent board game for 2 to 8 players. Each player attemps to be the first to touch a series of flags by maneuvering a robot across a dynamic race course. Frequently, the race mutates into a multi-player skirmishes as those players who are behind use their weaponry in an attempt to slow the opposition. The simultaneous movement rules encourage clever strategies and counter-strategies as players try to second-guess their opponents.

The game was released in 1994 by Wizards of the Coast, Inc. and received two Origin Awards that year ("Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Boardgame" and "Best Graphic Presentation"). 4 Extension sets followed `til Summer 1999 (Armed and Dangerous, Crash & Burn, Grand Prix and Radioactive). Meanwhile, several fans wrote www-sites to show their own ideas and extensions to others or to meet others players for PBEM-games. You can find a list of interesting URLs at this site´s link-pages.

In October 99, Amigo Games introduced the german version at the SPIEL 99-Fair in Essen. It features 4 new robots and rewised rules by Richard Garfield himself (but no option cards!).

This site is 100% compatible to the original english version! If the german version sells well and becomes more popular, I´ll add some special german pages later...


"Roborally" and the extension sets "Armed and Dangerous", "Crash and Burn", "Grand Prix" and "Radioactive" were designed by Richard Garfield and are copyright of Wizards of the Coast. The robots and their personalities were designed by Phil Foglio´s Studio.