Here is a list of links related to Roborally. It is not complete in any way and the order is no sign of quality , but it should include most usefull sites. If you discovered some more (or made a new one yourself) let me know.


Take a closer look at the works of Phil Fogilo - the artist behind the Bots...


The completely updated official Roborally-homepage from Wizards of the Coast Inc. Complete information on the game itself and its expansions, some varient rules and lots of (rather basic) FAQs.


M&M´s site is stuffed with new boards, new board elements, varient rules and an awful lot of new option cards (besides being constantly unfinished...)


Eric´s site is probably the first (and oldest) RR-site. It offers lots of house rules and new boards with a couple of new board elements.


The IFAQ pages are everything, the WotC-FAQs should be - and answered by the inventors of RR themselves...


Cybermax´ Robo-Lab is a nice place to be... new board elements, boards, rules and lots of stuff still to come...


RoboRally: Warp Zone - Spindisc´s site offest a lots of boards, his own new elements...

House LosHades presents: RoboRally - The Voshala Circuit


Richard's RoboRally Resources have the strange characteristic to disappear from time to time... but his boards are very nice and innovative.

Freimut´s RR-pages (german only) offers the current stats of the RR-Göttingen-open´99 as well as a gigantic PBem game.


The "RoboRally Players' Club" is another messageboard at InsideTheWeb...

Ry4an´s RoboRally Archive Site was the first to offer an comfortable interactive catalog of elements as well as an index of board element-grafix.


David's PBeM Robo Rally-site currently running games 7 and 8! One of the best RR-PBeM-sites around.
David also created an online Forum. It's called "PBeM RoboRally". It´s become an interesting online meeting place (and Delphi´s CGI-system is much faster on load than other message boxes...)
Renéīs RoboRally page is another veteran RR-website...
Armed and Dangerous deutsch/german site
Norbertīs RoboRally Page
Peter's Gaming Resources
Nicklas Private Pages
The Robo Rally Board Editor
RoboRally [plan] printing addons
Roborally Boards (French Site)- salut Xavier, ca va?
RoboRally: Playground
Mr. Games, the place for game reviews
3D Live-rules for RR