The currently running games are No. 13 and (starting soon) 15 (continuing David Andreasens PBEM-gaming series and honoring the time it took him to provide the fun for all other players).

If you discover any bugs or if you want to participate in the next games, sent me a mail.



No.13 - All or Nothing Get Giddy + Gettysburg we´ll see... current leader: SpinBot
No.14 - Belt Blitz Rainbow Road + Kraftwerk Marvin in turn 04
No.15 - ARENA-GAME 01 The Arena 2000 starting Mar 2000
No.16 - Robo-Race 01 Race Track 01 starting Apr 2000


Now showing: turn 06
Deadline for turn 07: MARCH 11
For questions concerning the boards, please read the explanations at our old site or check in at the Robo-community at


Now showing: turn 04 - FINAL TURN

For questions concerning the board RAINBOW ROAD, please read the explanations at our old site or check in at the Robo-community at
Then the only new element on the KRAFTWERK-board should be the .


Now showing: PREVIEW

All robots entered the Arena, all starting slots filled!
You should take a look at the final Arena-rules
as well as in the Robobrain-Forum. Please post your ideas/proposals in the forum, don´t send me mails (I can´t forward them to all others).

You can find the "original" Arena-board at our old site
This new version of the Arena-board is specially designed for brutal multi-player mayhem. It´s a stand-alone board, it is not compatible with other boards. Robots are not able to leave this board - if they move through one of the few gaps in the wall, they immediately appear again in the same row or column in the square at the other side of the arena-board (as if the edges of the game board were portals...). The squares with numbers are the dedicated starting squares. All robots will start looking at the blue conveyor belt.